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Simply Put, Dr. Renehan Saved My Life

I’ve worked with surgeons for more than 20+ years. It is through personal and professional experience that I can say, Dr. Renehan is the most kind, knowledgeable and competent surgeon I’ve ever met. He and his amazing team ensure their patients receive unparalleled care.

I have a rare and complex condition that has resulted in more than 15 procedures. Before I met Dr. Renehan, I had been misdiagnosed by six other specialists in Colorado Springs, and I had endured several unneeded procedures. I decided to try one more specialist because of all the wonderful care I’d heard that Dr. Renehan provides Soldiers with facial trauma. My family and I are all Army Veterans, and it gave me a sense of comfort knowing he was involved with our community.

I was in such pain, I called Dr. Renehan without an appointment. He got me in right away! He took a 3D CT Scan, and was able to truly diagnose the problem with a combination of his medical and dental expertise, backed by state-of-the-art equipment.

I needed a 2cm x 2cm bone graft to repair the damage. I asked 50 million questions before surgery, and Dr. Renehan and his team answered every little question – always responding to me quickly. They even helped me through my confusing and chaotic disability paperwork, which is really going above and beyond!

Dr. Renehan stabilized and treated me locally, before coordinating my care through his contacts at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. It was also more cost-efficient at his office because with his medical training he is certified for full anesthesia. Dr. Renehan continues to coordinate and provide post-op care.

His skill, professionalism, and network of colleagues is unmatched. I thank God I met him when I did. He has coordinated my care every step of the way, often doing independent research and attending out of state seminars on my unique condition. He has never let me down.

Simply put, Dr. Renehan saved my life.

Joy Marshall

I wanted… to thank Dr.Renehan and staff for the friendly atmosphere and outstanding care

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