After Dental Implant Placement in Colorado Springs, CO

While healing from the placement of dental implants it is important to avoid disturbing the site. This includes avoiding rinsing, spitting, or touching the metal protruding through the gum tissue.

It is normal to have bleeding in the first 24 hours after your implant placement. If you are bleeding excessively you may be able to stop the bleeding by biting on a gauze pad for half an hour. If bleeding is still occurring at this point, please contact our office.

After Dental Implant placement it is normal for some swelling to occur. You can help to minimize swelling by placing an ice pack over the surgical site. It is important to keep this ice pack on for as long as possible during the first 36 hours after your implant placement.

After having an implant placed it is very important to drink plenty of fluids. On the day of your placement, you should eat soft foods and liquids while avoiding hot drinks.

If your doctor has prescribed antibiotics or pain relief medication, it is important to take these according to the instructions provided. For mild to moderate pain, you can take Tylenol or Ibuprofen according to the package directions.

After your placement surgery, it is important to keep your physical activity to a minimum. Excessive physical activity or exercise can lead to weakness or bleeding at the placement site.

For your implant to heal correctly it is important to keep up your oral hygiene. Use the mouth rinse that is prescribed by the doctor twice daily. Warm saltwater rinses should be used four to five times a day to remove debris, especially after eating. Brushing your teeth is important, but brush gently around the implant site.

Follow your doctor’s advice regarding your dentures after implant surgery. Typically, these should not be worn for at least ten days after the surgery.

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